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Winemaking Creating flavors, textures, and aromas naturally

We want to do nothing to a grape that it will do for itself. We want to add nothing to our wine that isn’t absolutely necessary.

This means that commercial yeasts, enzymes, tannins, additives, acids, concentrates, mega purple, and fermentation aids are not used. We want our grapes to grow up and be what they want to be without us getting in the way.  

We strive for wines of authenticity, purity, and vibrancy.

We mature our wines for 14 month in 100% French oak. We mature the wines in barrel resting on the gross lees the entire time without racking to give the wines more energy, vibrancy and depth.  We are constantly in the vineyard, where the real flavor is made, coaxing the most out of our vines.

Meet our Winemaker: Vance Rose

Vance Rose is a wine industry veteran with over 40 years’ experience, encompassing winemaking in California, France, Spain and Australia, and brings with this a background in wine retail, wholesale, winery management, sales, and marketing. Ever since having a great bottle of 1959 red Burgundy when he was 18, Vance has sought to find a vineyard from which to make wine that could rival that seminal experience.  With the start of the Jonive project in 2021, he is confident he has finally found that site.

    In addition to his work in vineyards, wineries, Vance is a highly regarded chef.

    Vance Rose, Jonive Winemaker posing in front of a barrel at the winery.